Closed Suction Catheter


Closed Suction Catheter


Closed Suction system Child type 24H is an advanced Closed Suction System.

The smart design of the Closed Suction Catheters allows the patients’ breath-mechanical ventilation and sunctioning simutaneously.

Y connector type. ET “Y” neonatal and peiatric care adaptors are available for 5,6,7,8, French sizes closed suction catheter.

Prevent cross infection. The closed suction systems are designed with protective sleeve to isolate the germs inside the patients and helo caregivers avoid cross infection.

Soft and smooth blue suction tip. This design reduces damage to mucous membranes.

Irrigation port with non-return valve which prevents back flow leakage during washing and aerosolized secretion contamination.


Each (all sizes)
Paediatric care adaptors are available for 5,6,7,8,

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