IV Flow Regulator


IV Flow Regulator


It is very easy to accomplish the required flow rate. Set the requested flow rate. IV Flow Regulator is ready to use. IV Flow Regulators are disposable single use products. An intelligent can save not only money but everything including a drop of medicine to reach

Advantages & Features of I.V. Flow Regulator:

Sterile product for single use.
Precise flow rate control of IV fluids and Medicines with range of 5 to 250 ml / hr.
I.V. Flow Regulator designed with 60 cm length of extension tube.
ICU, ICCU, Kidney failure, Cardiac Patients & any patients who needs some medicines to be given slowly can use Flow Regulator.
Cost effective. If there is no adequate no of infusion pump they can make use of I.V. Flow Regulator or instead Infusion pump we can use this.
No Power consumption, battery backup is not required.
Easy to handle, easy to use.
Micro-flow Regulator with Extension Tube

Product Specifications:

Extension Tube Length: 45cm is common, others are also available.
Pressure standing:150psi for extension tube.

Product Features:

It is easy to use, it is not necessary to train specially.
It is high precision.
It is a good choice for ICU, Operating Room, Emergency Room and any other places where is required to precise infusion.
In some no pressure infusion place, It can take the place of Computer Infusion Pump.
The data are shown on the surface of product, it’s convenient to read.
The remain capacity is less than 0.06ml.


Flow range: 5ml/h-250ml/h
Materials: Regulator ABS Tube PVC
Other accessories PC & ABS

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