Foley balloon catheter 2 Way


Foley balloon catheter 2 Way


The Romsons Uro Cath is a 2 Way Foley Catheter suitable for Adult patients

The 2 way foley catheter is made up of latex bonded with silicone elastomer which eliminates the risk of encrustation

The urinary catheter has a symmetrical large capacity balloon ensuring a straight tip for proper flow and good sphincter action thus preventing bladder leakage

These indwelling catheters are provided with a coned distal end with burr free eyes for atraumatic intubation

The hard valve of these urethral catheters ensures easy inflation and deflation of the balloon

These foley catheters are colour coded for instant size identification

A Foley catheter is a thin, flexible and sterile tube which is passed through the urethra into the urinary bladder. Urine drains from the bladder into a bag which is attached to one of the lumens of the catheter. The catheter is held in its place with a balloon at one end which is filled with sterile water. A drainage system thus consists of the catheter and a urine collection bag. It is an indwelling catheter (it remains in the body for a considerable amount of time).

These urinary catheters are most commonly used to assist people who cannot urinate on their own and are used to drain the bladder. These foley catheters are recommend for the patients who are suffering from Urinary incontinence (leaking urine or being unable to control when you urinate) Urinary retention (being unable to empty your bladder when you need to). These catheters are a perfect pick for the patients whose mobility is hindered due to paralysis or injury and toilet facilities cannot be used

Empty the drainage bag before it is fully filled or in every 4 to 8 hours. Do not let the drain tube touch the container the urine is draining into, when emptying the bag.


These are available in the sizes of:

12FG with a balloon capacity of 5-15 ml
14FG with a balloon capacity of 30 ml
16FG with a balloon capacity of 30-50 ml
18FG with a balloon capacity of 30-50 ml
20FG with a balloon capacity of 30-50 ml
22FG with a balloon capacity of 30-50 ml
24FG with a balloon capacity of 30-50 ml

They come in a standard packing of 50 units per box

Sizes: 12FG X 5ML, 14FG X 30ML, 16FG 30ML, 18FG X 30ML

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