Nebulizer Mask 2M Tubing


Nebulizer Mask 2M Tubing


Nebulizer Mask is compose by Aerosol mask, oxygen tubing and nubulizer chambler (medication cup). The operating principle is that it atomizes medication into liquid particle and then delivering it into lungs during breathing.


Soft, clear Aerosol Mask with anatomical form is ideal for long term use.
Gently rolled, feathered edges with integrated nose bridge for extra comfort.
Swivel connector for convenience of nebulization in horizontal and vertical position ensuring patient comfort.
Larger surface area provided by unique convex cone design, ensures maximum capillary action and eliminates medicinal wastage.
Greater nebulization rate, nebulizes 3cc medicine within 10 minutes.

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Nebulizer Mask 2M Tubing Adult 6mm OD
Adult & Child

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