Rebreather Oxygen Mask 2M Tubing & Bag


Rebreather Oxygen Mask 2M Tubing & Bag


A non-rebreather mask is a medical device that helps deliver oxygen in emergency situations. It consists of a face mask connected to a reservoir bag that’s filled with a high concentration of oxygen. The reservoir bag is connected to an oxygen tank.

This is a non-rebreather mask available in either a size for an adult or child. When used with the attached reservoir bag, this product lets you administer high concentrations of oxygen. Non-rebreather masks also prevent the breathing of outside air, that is, air that’s not coming from the included reservoir bag. This then gives you more concentrated oxygen to help make breathing easier.

Made of medical grade PVC, clear or green.
With 1000ml reservior bag.
The valve prevents rebreathing and aloows exhaled gas to escape.
Safety vent allows for entrainment of romm air.
Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit.
Complete with 2m. Oxygen supply tubing.

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Rebreather Oxygen Mask 2M Tubing & Bag
Adult & Child

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