Suction Liner With Filter


Suction Liner With Filter


Unibody design with anti-impact material, the canister is high intensity, good transparency and easy to check the voulme scale. The T junction air way design is easy for the suction connection.

Usage & Application Places
Operation room: To collect the waste liquid during the surgery.
Endoscopic department: To collect the waste liquid during the check.
ICU , ER, ward, anesthesia department: To collect the waste liquid from the patient

Size: 1000ML 1500ML 2000ML 3000ML
Classic design, large suction flow, used in most hospital, special filter design assure the stop line accurate.
With the 50ml extra space for liquid reflux, the liquid splash risk can be effectively controlled.
More sizes available, all liners can be used individually or in a serial connection and accommodate all accessories for special clinical needs.


Size: 2000ml
Colors: Blue, Green & Red
Material: Plastic

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