Urine Bags Push & Pull Valve


Urine Bags Push & Pull Valve


Urine Bag Economic that is used for short and long term urine drainage. This urine bag is highly durable and is easy to use.

Economic Urine Bag Pull-push Valve type

Main Features:

Urine Collecting Bag is used for short and long term urine drainage
1000ml/2000ml Urine Bag is manufactured from Medical grade soft PVC sheet having approx 0.10mm thickness
Non Return Valve to avoid the back flow of Urine
Super smooth, 85cm kink resistance tube provided with chamber, Non toxic, Kink free, Extra soft transparent pvc long tubing
Universal Connecter for easy connection to the drainage catheter
Bag is graduated with easy to read scale
Also available with Top Bottom Outlet and Molded handle for easy handling and carrying facility
Et.O. Sterile, Individually packed
Inlet tube:

Smooth surface and kink-resistant
At length of 90/120cm, other lengths available as per request
With conical connector with steps, provide an easy and firm connection to the drainage catheters
No sample port
No clamps
No hanger


Available with outlet Push-Pull valve, Screw valve and T valve
Push-Pull valve/ Screw valve: for easy emptying and minimal spillage
T valve: for easy one-handed bag drainage


With non-return valve to avoid the back flow of urine, increase patient safety
With graduated scales printed on
Color with White or Transparent

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Push & Pull Valve
Bag capacity with 2000ml (2 litres)
(Pack of 10)

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